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2. to Engage in (tunes) on the pipe or pipes. He piped a tune. blaas, fluit يَعْزِف على المِزْمار свиря tocar zapískat pfeifen fløjte παίζω στη φλογέρα tocar vilet puhuma نی یا فلوت زدن soittaa pilliä jouer לְנַגֵן בְּחָלִיל बांसुरी बजाना svirati sípol meniup seruling leika á hljóðpípu suonare 笛で吹く 관악기를 불다 groti, dūduoti, švilpti spēlēt/pūst stabuli, svilpīti, dūdas meniupkan op een fluit spelen spille på fløyte grać na fujarce, dudach itp.

Alzheimer’s disorder (AD) is often a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that damages healthier cells inside the brain leading to cognitive impairment and functional incapacity. It is actually estimated that in excess of twenty five million persons are living with AD worldwide1.

Two millennia back, the ancient Romans built use of large aqueducts to move h2o from larger elevations by creating the aqueducts in graduated segments that authorized gravity to press the water along until it arrived at its desired destination. Countless these were being built during Europe and elsewhere, and as well as flour mills were viewed as the lifeline in the Roman Empire.

Equally the ENDEAR and CHERISH research shown clinically significant efficacy and a positive gain-threat profile of SPINRAZA. While in the ENDEAR stop of research Assessment, a statistically significant larger percentage of children with infant-onset SMA accomplished enhancement in motor milestones when compared to untreated individuals, with some infants inside the SPINRAZA group achieving whole head Manage, the chance to roll, sitting down, and standing. Furthermore, infants handled with SPINRAZA shown a statistically substantial advancement in party-cost-free survival compared to untreated patients.

.. no matter whether It really is economic improvement, tribes spend the associated fee. And what we see now are tribes from throughout sharing the identical concern that we have, indicating, 'It can be plenty of now. Cease performing this to indigenous people today. End carrying out this to our indigenous lands.'"

Misoperation of your pipeline and a Formerly weakened area of your pipe which was not detected ahead of were discovered as leading to the failure.[fifty three]

Pulmonary fibrosis is usually a ailment in which lung tissue results in being thickened and stiff resulting from scarring. The development of scar tissue is named fibrosis.

Industry equipment are instrumentation, details gathering units and communication methods. The field Instrumentation consists of circulation, strain and temperature gauges/transmitters, together with other products to evaluate the suitable facts demanded.

This disorder triggers the human body’s immune program to assault myelin, a protecting sheath covering nerve fibers. Harm to myelin “limited circuits” communication concerning the brain, spinal cord and other areas of the body, severely impairing this kind of neurological features as mobility, vision and imagining. After some time, the nerves by themselves can become damaged forever.

Pump-rate raises really should be scaled-down during the Mid-Atlantic, Kloza reported, mainly because any shortfall from your shutdown in the Colonial pipeline could be produced up in about ten times by tankers arriving from Europe.

Pipelines pipeline conveying flammable or explosive product, for instance all-natural fuel or oil, pose Specific safety concerns.

incredibly very hot. piping scorching soup. baie heat ساخِن جِدا горещ escaldante vařící brühendheiß brændende varm ζεματιστός muy/bien caliente tulikuum بسیار داغ tulinen brûlant חַם מְאוֹד बहुत गरम vreo tűzforró sangat panas sjóðandi heitur bollente とても辛い 대단히 뜨거운 labai karštas ļoti karsts panas menggelegak kokend heet glovarm, rykende varmwrzący, parzący سور (ګرم)، سوځند، اېشند ډېرتود escaldante foarte fierbinte обжигающий vriaci, vrelý vrel veoma toplo rykande varm ร้อนมาก çOkay sıcak, dumanı üstünde 滾燙的 дуже гарячий بہت گرم rất nóng 滚烫的

one. to convey gasoline, h2o pipeline and so forth by a pipe. Water is piped on the town with the reservoir. lei يَنْقُل بالأنْبوب отвеждам canalizar vést potrubím leiten lede; føre διοχετεύωcanalizar, conducir/transportar pipeline por tubería toru mööda juhtima با لوله انتقال دادن siirtää putkella amener לְהַעֲבִיר בְּצִינוֹרוֹת pipeline नल से ले जाना voditi vodu (naftu..)kroz cijev csővezetéken át továbbít mengalirkan leiða (vatn, pipeline fuel) eftir röri convogliare, portare 管で送る 파이프를 통해 보내다 tiekti vamzdžiais nogādāt pa cauruļvadu menyalurkan sst melalui paip door buizen aanvoeren lede/legge i rør transportować rurami د پيپ له لارى ليږدول canalizar a transporta (printr-o performă) пускать/идти по трубам viesť potrubím speljati po ceveh provesti kroz cev leda i rör ส่งทางท่อ boruyla taşımak 管道輸送 пускати трубами پائپ کے ذريعہ پہنچانا dẫn bằng ống 管道输送

Now we recognize that Advertisement is really a continuum which has a extended silent stage that starts decades ahead of signs and symptoms surface. As Advertisement progresses, signs like memory reduction, identity and behavioral modifications frequently linked to AD start to manifest.

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